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Friday, December 3, 2010

Plano de Casa moderna de un dormitorio y 78 metros cuadrados

plano Casa moderna

La casa que traigo hoy es bastante interesante… Es de lineas muy modernas, pero no hace prevalecer el diseño frente a la comodidad. Es una sola planta y en ella se puede ver: garage para un auto, cocina, comedor, living, baño y un dormitorio. Ademas en el garage hay espacio para un lavadero.
plano Casa moderna

Classic Living Interior Design

Classic Living Interior Design

Modern Ventless Fireplaces Design

Ventless Fireplaces Designed by fireplace comapny based in New York,The Hearth Cabinet™ is a ventless fireplace system that burns a patent pending alcohol fuel cartridge. You don’t need a gas line or a chimney and it does not use electricity. There is a real flame but there is no smoke.The ventless fireplaces are said to be 100% safe and eco-friendly. They are available in traditional and contemporary standard modular designs that fit any style surround or mantel.

 Modern Ventless Fireplaces Design
 Beautiful Ventless Fireplaces Design

Contemporary Floor Lamp Design

Light is Most Important things in our life,just like water and air.Pottery Barn has Numbers of beautiful lamps design and one of them is them is this vintage floor lamp.The inspiration came from a vintage streetlight design which is transformed into more contemporary and smaller version.This Floor Lamp you can locate it in the living room or bedroom.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful Wall Stickers For Room Interior Design

Alternative joyful, playful and colorful tapestries and a wall-papers, stickers decorate the house with ease. Simple and quick to implement and even easier and faster to remove, the stickers have many possible arrangements, making the decorating in a fun and undemanding. But even allowing to interpret creatively the space interacting in person, and will, with their homes.

Modern Book Nest Sofa Design for Book Lovers

Are you the one who loves reading that favorite story book while relaxing on a cozy sofa in your living room? You need them near you whenever you are there?Here is the Booknest Sofa design from has got a well organized space behind it for keeping your favorite books.the sofa is made of plywood frame covered with polyurethane foams.Have Looks.

Modern Book Nest Sofa Design for Book Lovers

Modern Book Nest Sofa Design for Book Lovers

Fresh Ideas for Decorating Home Office

When Decorating Home Office first off you have to choose the way the office will feel. if you go for a Beautiful Environment,chances are you will not be so concetrated on your work,as many things are likely to draw your attention.Here are some Home decorating ideas pictures for arranging a home office area that disobey all rules.

 Fresh Ideas for Decorating Home Office area
 Fresh Home Office Decorating Ideas
 Beautiful Home Office Decorating Ideas

Barbie Girls Dream House Interior Design

Miami Beach Apartment Interior Design Ideas By Avram Rusu

This Miami Beach Apartment Design is designed by Brooklyen Designer,Andreea Avraam Rusu.Amazing Interior design and Spacious vacation home for a large family.This Apartment in Located in a former Art Deco Hotel on Miami Beach.In This Project Includes Architecture,Interior Design,Furniture Design and Art Selection.This Vacation Apartment Accommodates Three Couples Easily.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Modern Hotel Room Interior Design

Its modern India hotel complete with artistic and colorful furniture. Its look s elegance beautiful and comfortable. In this hotel we can find black corridor on this floor leads to contrasting white rooms – 5 ‘Origami’ rooms and 4 Pop-Art rooms. Its more beautiful with amazing lighting.

Plano de Casa de 2 pisos, 2 dormitorios y 159 metros cuadrados

Hoy una casa pensada para las zonas mas frias. Y no lo digo solo por la foto de arriba. Es interesante la chimenea abierta por dos lugares distintos ideal para calentar ambientes amplios.Los grandes ventanales del frente, ademas, estan a resguardo del clima.

En la planta baja tenemos living, cocina, comedor (entre la cocina y el living-comedor) tenemos la chimenea de la que hablábamos antes.

En la planta alta, a la que se accede por medio de una escalera caracol tenemos el otro dormitorio con baño y walk in closet.


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